The craziest things beauty insiders have done for clear skin


If you’re fighting under-eye puffiness, a monster pimple, or a dry-skin attack and you have access to the internet, then you’ve likely spied some pretty out-there advice and slathered on some pretty crazy ingredients in the name of a glowy complexion.

Been there, tried that—and while sometimes you strike gold, other times you’re left with just a glob of toothpaste on your face (or worse).

Which is why I was so excited to tap 18 beauty gurus to find out the craziest thing they’ve done for radiant skin. Maybe you can relate—if not, you can at least get a good laugh.

Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima, co-founders of CAP Beauty

KP: I haven’t had gluten for eight years because I have Celiac disease, and that cleared up my skin. Some people may think eight years without pizza is crazy, but I will never have clear skin as long as I’m eating wheat!

CP: I try to take ice-cold showers or I end each shower with a blast of freezing-cold water, which boosts circulation and reduces inflammation. I also spray live bacteria on my skin from a brand called Mother Dirt.

Indie Lee, founder of Indie Lee

I’ve smashed up avocados and slathered it head to toe—very Shrek-esque! That was a wacky experiment during my early product-development days.